General information

Norwest Private Hospital aims to be the leading private hospital in the North West of Sydney, with all employees committed to a culture of continuous improvement.

We achieve this by providing safe patient care, quality outcomes and a high level of satisfaction to all of our customers, developing our key specialties, supporting and valuing our employees, and developing good relationships with our doctors and community.

Patients undergoing surgery at Norwest Private Hospital may be required to participate in our Pre-admission Clinic, which will enable us to identify special requirements, answer questions and complete all documentation and tests ordered by your doctor. This helps to streamline the admission process, making your day of surgery as stress free as possible.

If you are undergoing major surgery, please personally attend the hospital for your pre-admission assessment. Patients undergoing surgery requiring only a short hospital stay may be assessed by telephone.

You will be advised if you will be required to attend a pre-admission clinic after your booking is processed.

What to bring

  • Relevant paperwork and health fund information
  • All medications currently being taken (in original container or box)
  • All relevant x-rays
  • Glasses, hearing aids or other aids
  • Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing
  • Please do not bring additional belongings with you.

Preparation for admission

  • Shower with an antimicrobial soap (available from pharmacies) the day before and the morning of your surgery, with particular attention to groins and armpits and any skin folds.
  • Take any regular medications used to control blood pressure with a sip of water when you regularly take them, regardless of fasting instructions.
  • Do not take any tablets used for controlling diabetes. If you normally use insulin, please contact your doctor for specific advice.
  • Do not chew, smoke, eat or drink (including water) from midnight the night before if you are having morning surgery, or from 7am if you are having afternoon surgery.
  • Do not wear jewellery other than a wedding band.
  • Do not wear make-up or nail polish.

Day surgery

For Day surgery, please go to main reception on the ground floor. You will then be directed to the location for admission.

With the exception of paediatric patients who may be accompanied by one parent or guardian, relatives and friends are not permitted into the unit.

The admitting nurse will inform you and your relatives of an approximate time for discharge and collection.

Please ensure that you have arranged for a responsible adult to collect you on discharge and to care for you for 24 hours after your surgery.

Overnight stay

For patients who are having surgery on the day of admission and staying overnight or longer, please go to the Main Reception on the ground floor before proceeding to the Surgical Admission Centre on Level 1.

Admission Centre staff will get you ready for your operation and check your medications.

All of your belongings, other than the clothes you are wearing and your medication should be left with a family member or friend who can meet you with your belongings in the ward after your surgery.

If you would like a quote for a procedure and stay at Norwest Private, please send our Estimation Clerk an email details of the procedure that you would like to book, including the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Surgeon Name
  • Possible Date of Surgery
  • MBS Item Numbers for Surgery
  • Day Stay or Overnight Stay

Discharge from the Hospital

Your doctor will inform the Nurse/Midwife in charge of the ward when you may be discharged.

The Nurse/Midwife will help you make the necessary personal arrangements.

Please think ahead and plan your discharge with your carer and or family including how you will be transported home before your admission to hospital.

The services of the hospital discharge planners are available for patients who require more complex after hospital care.

Please speak to the Nurse/Midwife in charge should you feel a Discharge Planner would be beneficial.

Discharge Time

The Discharge time from hospital is between 7.00am and 9.30am Daily.

Please ensure you, your carer and family are aware of your discharge date prior to the day and ensure you arrange for your carer and or family member to collect you prior to 9.30am the day of discharge.

Having this information early allows a smooth discharge from hospital and given the majority of our patients are either Elective or Emergency patients, it is very likely that your bed has been booked for another patient to receive timely care.

Discharge Date

Before you leave hospital, make sure that you, your carer and or family;

  • Have a copy of your nursing discharge summary
  • Know what further care you require at home
  • Collect a supply or prescription of your continuing medication (pharmacy is located on site Ground Level)
  • Know when and where your follow-up appointments are
  • Collect your x-rays or imaging tests performed and have them ready to take home with you
  • Finalise your account

It is important that you report to Front Reception desk before leaving the hospital to finalise your account.

Please visit the Ground Floor Front Reception at the hospital’s main entrance.

You will be required to pay any amounts not covered by your health insurance fund and for claims that are rejected by health funds, at the time of discharge.

At Home

Most of your recuperative period will take place at home. If you are having surgery, it is helpful to have someone at home during the recovery phase to assist with cooking, laundry and housework.

If not discussed before admission, please advise nursing/midwifery staff if support at home will be needed so that arrangements may be made prior to discharge.

For the first 24 hours after any procedure it is important that you:

  • Do not drive a car
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Do not remain on your own (unless approved by your specialist)
  • Do not make complex or legal decisions.

We advise that you should be in the company of a responsible adult for 24 hours after a procedure and you must have somebody escort you home from the hospital.

If not discussed before admission, please advise nursing/midwifery staff if support at home will be needed so that arrangements may be made prior to discharge.

We constantly measure our patient's satisfaction in regard to the care and services they receive, and we seek ways to improve how we meet their expectations.

As a patient or former patient, you may be asked to respond to a questionnaire designed to gauge your level of satisfaction with our hospital facilities or services.

We hope you will take the few minutes required to complete the survey as your comments are important to us.

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