Birthing suites 

You’ll discover that your suite is a clever blend of expert medical care and comfort, complete with ensuite bathroom and television. Each suite is equipped with the K2 foetal monitoring system which means your obstetrician can keep a really close eye on how your labour is progressing at all times. There’s a range of active birth accessories to choose from, including beanbags, mirrors, a birth stool, as well as an adjustable birthing bed so you experience your optimum birthing experience.  


Maternity suites

There are 37 spacious private rooms. All rooms include ensuite facilities, flat screen TVs, telephones, personal safes for valuables and small refrigerators.


The Feeding Room

This is a place where new mums can go to relax, get support and feeding advice. The Feeding Room, formerly known as the Well Baby Nursery, is not just for babies but a space for mothers to enjoy and connect with other new mums. There will be healthy snacks, fresh fruit, sparkling water and juice available for mums to access whenever they feel the need to replenish.

Special Care Nursery

Our Level 2 Special Care Nursery provides specialised care for premature and sick infants from 33 weeks gestation. If a higher level of care is required, your baby will be transferred immediately to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.


Family Friendly caesarean 

We offer Family Friendly caesarean section which means your baby, your husband/partner and the midwife all stay with you in the recovery ward and you will not be separated from your baby after birth, assisting with skin-to-skin contact.


Our Assistance

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