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During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of our patients, visitors and staff is our priority so we have implemented some necessary changes in line with state and federal guidelines.

Routine Screening

There are COVID-19 screening measures in place for everyone entering our hospital. All patients and visitors will be asked screening questions prior to and on arrival to hospital.

Changes to your Maternity Booking Appointment

Once e-Admission is lodged, our maternity booking clerks will process your booking and call to make a midwife appointment and process health fund details.

Hours may have changed slightly so please leave a message or email for our maternity booking staff at norwestmaternity@healthscope.com.au and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your midwife appointment will now be conducted by phone instead of face to face.

Childbirth Education Classes

During the pandemic period we have cancelled all face-to-face childbirth education classes until further notice.

This measure is in keeping with social distancing guidelines which are in place to protect us all. There are a range of options available through on line platforms. Find out more below under Antenatal Education.

Labour and Birth

You have the right to a safe and positive birth experience. To help protect you, your baby, other families and staff at this time, we ask that you choose one support person for your labour and birth. This might be your partner or another person.

This person will be asked the same screening questions and will only be allowed entry to the hospital if they have no symptoms of illness or suspected infection.

Feeding your baby

Skin-to-skin contact at birth and breastfeeding will continue to be encouraged. Breastfeed with careful attention to hand hygiene as well as taking care not to cough or sneeze near baby.

If you are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 infection, we will encourage you to wear a mask when feeding or expressing breast milk for your baby.

Visiting Restrictions in Place

For the protection of our women, babies and staff, restrictions have been placed on support persons and visitors.

Women will be able to bring one nominated person with them for support during their labour and birth. This is the only person that will be able to visit during your postnatal stay in hospital. There will be no limit to time or duration of visit for the nominated person.

Siblings of newborns are permitted to visit for a maximum of one hour, one visit per day.

Visitors within our Special Care Nursery are being restricted to parents of the baby only. For exceptional circumstances, families are encouraged to discuss their individual needs with staff. 

We know these restrictions can be challenging so we ask for your understanding during this time.

After Birth – Postnatal and Midwifery Early Childhood Appointments

During your postnatal stay, visitors will remain restricted to the one nominated person. Your partner is also able to stay overnight.

We are continuing with our Early Childhood Clinic service, however where possible your appointments will be by phone.

Maternity Questions

If you have a question about your pregnancy, or your stay with us or any other maternity matter, please email us.  Maternity.Enquiries@healthscope.com.au

Maternity Ward Virtual Tour

There are seven spacious, modern birth suites, each with an ensuite bathroom and television. A range of active birth accessories such as beanbags, mirrors, birth stool etc. are available, as well as the use of modern birthing beds which can be adjusted to provide individual comfort.

The Well Baby Nursery is staffed 24 hours a day by experienced Midwives, Lactation Consultants and Mothercraft Nurses to manage feeding and baby care situations.

Norwest Private Hospital has a Level 2 Special Care Nursery that can provide specialised care for premature and sick infants from 33 weeks gestation.

If a higher level of care is required, then transfer to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will be arranged.

Our experienced team of midwives will provide advice including infant feeding, infant care, child development and management. The Early Childhood Clinic is available for babies and young children from birth to 12 months who were born at Norwest Private Hospital. Appointments are necessary and a fee is charged. For further information, call (02) 8882 8807.

Your stay

At your first appointment with your chosen Obstetrician, you will be given either a Norwest Private admission booklet or an e-Admission form.

You can choose to fill out the manual form and send it in to the hospital (either by mail or in person) or complete your registration and health history on-line.

Please allow one to two weeks for your paperwork to be processed. Once your registration is processed, the Bookings Clerk will call you to book a pre-admission consultation with one of our Midwives.

This appointment usually takes about 40 minutes.

Please ensure that the following details are included with your registration:

  • Contact details
  • Due date
  • Health fund details
  • Obstetrician.

Pre-admission consultation is to record your antenatal history and to prepare for your hospital stay.

We understand that you may have queries about the birth of your baby, so this is an ideal opportunity to ask any questions.

You will receive a maternity information pack which outlines general information about our maternity unit, classes that are offered and a list of frequently asked questions.

When attending the pre-admission consultation, please bring:

  • Health fund membership details. Please contact your fund directly to confirm your level of cover and any excess or co-payments.
  • Non-refundable booking fee of $60 is required. This is payable at main reception on arrival for appointment.
  • Antenatal classes may be booked during your appointment. Payment of fee is required at time of booking.

Norwest Private Hospital has negotiated agreements with all major health funds, minimising out of pocket expenses for members.

It is important to consider how your current health insurance cover may change with the arrival of your baby.

If you are covered by singles health insurance, you are advised to consider a transfer to family cover at least three months before your expected date of delivery.

The majority of health funds do not automatically cover your baby if there is a problem requiring neonatal care, unless family cover has been in place for a minimum of three months.

If you elect to remain on singles cover and your baby is unwell and requires admission to our Special Care Nursery, you will be required to settle the baby’s account on discharge from the hospital. If you are expecting a multiple birth, family health insurance is highly advisable. Singles health insurance will only cover one baby during your hospital stay.

Please contact your health fund as soon as possible to confirm your level of cover.

If you are not insured and would like to have your baby at Norwest Private Hospital, please contact us on 02 8882 8807 to discuss fees.

An estimate of costs and any out of pocket excess or co-payments associated with your hospital stay will be sent to you following your Pre-admission Consultation.

After birth, all babies are placed under the care of one of our experienced paediatricians. This cost is not included in your hospital stay. Each paediatrician will charge independently for their services. There will usually be a minimum of two consultations with the Paediatrician while in hospital and follow-up at 6-8 weeks after you go home. More information available here.

We have 20 double beds and a number of folding beds, which means we can accommodate most partners, if requested.

Double beds are allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis.

It is expected that if partners spend the night, your baby will room-in with you for the night.

This encourages bonding and helps with parenting skills. Staff will be able to provide support and settling strategies if needed.

Please note that if you are to undergo a caesarean section, you will be allocated a single bed on admission.

Meals for partners can be arranged through reception at a nominal cost.

Visitor Restrictions due to COVID-19

For the protection of women, babies and staff, restrictions have been placed on support persons and visitors.

Women will be able to bring one nominated person with them for support during their labour and birth. This is the only person that will be able to visit during the postnatal stay in hospital.

Visitors to the Special Care Nursery are restricted to parents of the baby only. For exceptional circumstances, families are encouraged to discuss their individual needs with staff.

Partners are still able to stay overnight.

Planning for going home is a vital component of your stay. The anticipated length of stay following the birth of your baby is four nights for a vaginal birth and five nights for a caesarean section birth, providing there are no complications. Discharge time is 9.00am.Please ensure that you have a fully fitted child restraint secured in your car before taking your baby home. It is recommended that only an authorised fitting station fit any child safety restraint. Your nearest fitting station can be found by phoning the hospital or your local Road Traffic Authority office.

Parent classes

In making every effort to keep patients, visitors, staff and doctors safe during COVID-19, we have cancelled all antenatal classes for the time being. We hope that you understand and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We appreciate that having access to information about pregnancy and birthing is critical and there are fantastic antenatal courses online like Nourish Baby Online, which you can access from home.

Parents just need to go to: https://nourishbaby.com.au/products/antenatal-bundle

Add to cart and enter: NORWEST at checkout

This bundle is being discounted for a cost of $50 and you may be able to claim through your health fund.

Refunds, if applicable, can be obtained by phoning Maternity Bookings on (02) 8882 8807.

Our postnatal education program consists of a series of videos and discussion groups. Educational DVDs and videos are available at any time. Postnatal exercise sessions are conducted by our physiotherapists three times each week.

CPR Kids hosts a Baby and Child CPR and First Aid class at Norwest Private Hospital*. This unique class for babies and children will empower parents to confidently care for their sick or injured child in an emergency situation.

The 3 hour class, taught by practising paediatric nurses, will also provide ample hands-on practice with baby and child manikins so that parents will know what to do when seconds count.

For further information and bookings, please visit: CPR KIDS or call 1300 543 727.

Face-to-Face Classes

CPR Kids face-to-face classes are up and running again. Simply visit their bookings page.

*Classes will be held at a nearby community venue until on site classes can recommence.

CPR Kids classes are now available online.

As the skills and knowledge that CPR Kids teach are still essential, they have moved their full course online. CPR Kids eLearning course is based on their 3-hour Baby and Child CPR & First Aid classes taught by experienced paediatric nurses. They have a bundle deal for all modules, and monthly payment options available.

Find out more and enrol here

Topics covered

  • CPR for babies and children
  • Drowning
  • Choking
  • Burns
  • Head injuries
  • Poisons
  • Fever
  • Seizures
  • Limb Injury
  • Bites & stings
  • Allergy

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