No cover, low cover? No problem.

Access private hospital treatment for a fixed price without private health insurance.

A new way to get the surgery you need for a fixed price, without insurance.

With Surgery Assured, you have the confidence of a fixed, all-inclusive price* for a select range of surgical procedures at a participating Healthscope private hospital.

Benefits of Surgery Assured

  • Surgery Assured is offered by Healthscope, a leading private healthcare provider.
  • Be treated by an experienced participating specialist of your choice, avoiding public waiting lists.
  • Receive quality care in fully accredited private hospital facilities.
  • One invoice and one total fee.
  • Your specialist can schedule the surgery you need in a participating private hospital, avoiding public hospital waiting lists.
  • All fees for your care, from admission to discharge, are covered by one payment*. After discharge, up to two outpatient visits with your specialist are also included.
  • If re-admission to a participating Healthscope hospital is required within the first month following your discharge from hospital, and is directly related to the procedure undertaken, it will be provided at no additional cost#.
  • If you are an Australian resident registered for Medicare, and the procedure undertaken is eligible, then after your procedure a Medicare rebate can be claimed. This can be claimed either by registering under Medicare on the myGov website with your bank details or in person at a Medicare office. Timings can vary but you should receive your rebate within a month of your discharge.

Surgery Assured patients can:

  • Choose from our experienced Surgery Assured participating specialists.
  • Choose from one of our Surgery Assured participating hospitals.

Steps to get the surgery you need.


1    Get an all-inclusive quote.
If your Surgery Assured participating specialist determines it is clinically appropriate for you to receive treatment under Surgery Assured, a quote will be provided to you. This is an all-inclusive quote with a single total fee*. All fees from admission to discharge will be included in the quote. After discharge, up to two outpatient visits to your specialist are also covered in the Surgery Assured package. 

2    Undertake a pre-assessment.
After receiving your quote our nursing team will undertake a pre-assessment by phone or in person at the hospital. After this assessment is complete, your Surgery Assured quote will be confirmed.


3    Schedule and pay for your procedure. 
Your specialist will liaise with you to schedule a convenient time for surgery, usually within a few weeks. Full payment is required prior to your admission to the hospital.

4    Prepare and have your procedure at Norwest Private Hospital
Your specialist and Norwest Private Hospital will confirm the date of your surgery and provide you with any preparation instructions including fasting and other requirements for your procedure. On the day of your procedure you just need to check in at the hospital at your appointment time.

5    Recovery and follow up.
Your specialist will provide you with everything you need to know about recovery and follow up consultations. For most procedures, they will organise one or two post operation consultations.

Surgery Assured is offered by Healthscope, one of Australia’s leading private healthcare providers. This means you always receive quality care in a fully accredited facility. 

Surgery Assured is currently available for select procedures at Norwest Private Hospital.

Call us now at 02 8882 8870 for more information about Surgery Assured 


* The price is fixed for a single stay at a participating Healthscope hospital when you receive treatment under Surgery Assured – it includes all hospital, doctor, radiology and pathology costs incurred from when you’re admitted to when you’re discharged. The price excludes any costs you may incur prior to or after your stay in hospital with us, unless we explicitly tell you we are going to cover them.

# A re-admission is “directly related to the procedure undertaken” if the treatment received during re-admission is necessary because of a complication arising from the treatment provided under Surgery Assured during your initial stay at our participating hospital. The cost of an eligible re-admission is only included within the Surgery Assured price if you are re-admitted to one of our participating hospitals. If a re-admission is not, or can not be performed at one of our participating hospitals, you are likely to incur additional costs. 

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